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Who do I contact if I have a complaint ?


If you have any complaints regarding tenants in the building, or a problem you are experiencing with your property, please email or call our office on 020 7519 0000. Please be advised that maintenance problems will need to be reported to the relevant maintenance company, contact details of whom can be found in your Tenancy Agreement. Please refer to your Tenancy Agreement should you need to ascertain the following: – Your maintenance company contact details and opening hours – Who to contact in an emergency – Your notice period – Fees regarding replacement keys, fobs and entry cards. – Your Landlord’s Bank Account details.

How do I serve notice ?

If you would like to serve notice to vacate the property please email advising that you wish to terminate your tenancy and the date you would like to vacate, with all tenants copied in. Move out dates cannot fall on a Sunday or a bank holiday. Your move out date will then be confirmed and you will be advised of the next steps. Please ensure that your move out date is in line with your notice period as stated in your contract. If your contract has expired and you are currently on a periodic contract your notice period will be one month.

How do I pay rent ?

Tenants will need to set up a standing order for the rental amount and any utilities paid directly to the Landlord. You will be provided with the Landlord’s bank account details and a payment reference in order for us to credit the correct account. You are also able to pay by cash, or card in our office or over the phone. Tenants are responsible for amending standing orders should there be a rent increase and cancelling payment when vacating. Please check with your bank the notice period required to amend you standing order.

Who is responsible for contacting the utility companies after I move in ?

When moving in to a new property Tower Quay Limited will contact the relevant utility companies to notify them of the new tenants.

If there are any changes in tenants during your time in residence, or you wish to change supplier, tenants will be responsible for contacting the utility companies themselves.

What will I need to pay before moving in ?

A reservation fee equivalent to one week’s rent must be paid to Tower Quay Limited to reserve the property and enable Tower Quay Limited to agree the proposed terms of the contract with the Landlord. If the terms are agreed by the Landlord, subject to contract, this reservation fee will be credited towards the first month’s rent. If, for any reason, you choose to withdraw your offer, all funds paid to Tower Quay Limited will not be refunded. See our fees section. Once you are notified that the Landlord agrees to the terms, you must pay to Tower Quay Limited the balance of one month’s rent in advance, the administration fee, the contract fee, 6 weeks deposit and water rates (if applicable). When moving in to the property your Landlord agrees to pay the cost of the Moving In Inventory.

What references do I need to provide ?


The references required before moving in to a property will vary depending on a Tenant’s personal circumstance. These are as follows:


All tenants will need to provide the following:

- 3 months bank statements
- A clear copy of your Passport/Driving Licence
- Previous Landlord or character reference


If you are currently employed: A reference from your employer stating position and salary



If you are currently studying: Confirmation of student status from your University/College A Guarantor will need to sign to confirm their liability for the rent as well as supply references confirming their capability to pay the rent


If you are currently self-employed:  Last 2 years filed accounts/reference from your accountant.


Tower Quay Limited does not accept DSS.


All references must be submitted at least 6 hours prior to the moving in date to allow them to be verified by Tower Quay Limited and your Landlord.

How do I obtain a Landlord reference ?

If you would like to obtain a Landlord reference from Tower Quay Limited when moving in to a new property please email and we shall gladly provide you with a reference. Alternatively please call the office on 020 7519 0000. Please also see Our Fees for further information.

How do I get my deposit back ?

After you have vacated the property, please contact your Utility suppliers and Council in order to close your Utility and Council tax accounts, the supplier and Council will then send you your final bills. Please send the entire final bill and your forwarding address to and Tower Quay will forward the information onto your Landlord who then begins processing the deposit refund. The Landlord generally refunds the deposit cheque within 10 working days of the agreed refund.

How do I renew ?

If you would like to renew your contract please email Tower Quay Limited will be able to contact the Landlord on your behalf and negotiate the renewal terms. Renewals are processed free of charge.

How do I change a name on the Contract ?

If you would like to change a name on the contract, mid-tenancy or at the time of renewal, please email Tower Quay Limited will then contact the Landlord on your behalf. You will first need to obtain your Landlord’s permission before tenants are able to move in or out of the property. Should your Landlord allow for the swap to go ahead, the new tenant will need to provide references and be approved as a tenant by Tower Quay Limited and the Landlord before the vacating tenant is released from their obligations under the Tenancy Agreement. Please also see Our Fees for further information.

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